Dr. Stefan Thiemann

Kurat-Offner-Weg 4

87439 Kempten


Mobile: +49 (0)172 6866074

Mail: stefan.thiemann@MAIL.DE


Research in Ethiopia

Travelling for my PhD Thesis in the South Ethiopian Rift Valley during rainy season. Got several times stuck...

E-Learning in Yaounde

Newspaper about opening of E-Learning trainings of Baden-Wuerttemberg Corporate State University at Yaounde I University in Cameroon.

LARS 2007

Opening of the second "Lake Abaya Research Symposium" in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Cooperation among Siegen and Arba Minch Universities through GIZ Twinning and DFG Projects

CBO in Swaziland

Meeting of a community based organisation in Swaziland to discuss options for implementing Integrated Watershed Management to secure livelihood.

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